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Welcome to the very first real LOC Way blog post. I have been wrestling with what the first educational post should be, and I finally realized that I should start at the beginning. What is more beginning than the definition of a CG/L? So, a little is a role in the BDSM community. A caregiver role usually accompanies the role of little. A little can be a girl or boy. A little is a form of age regression. The age of each person’s little vary person to person and can even change situation to situation for each little. The role of a caregiver is to take care of their little as a parent would a child. A caregiver could be a man or women.

When a little regress, it’s called little space. While in little space, a little can do lots of things generally associated with babies or children. Such as wear onesies, diapers, use pacifiers (pacis), baby bottles and sippy cups, play with stuffed animals (stuffies) and other “children’s” toys, watch children shows and so much more. The misconception is that CG/L is a substitute for pedophilia, which is absolute rubbish. Both parties are above 18 and are attracted to each other becuase they are over 18. Lots of CG/L relationships don’t even involve sex, it is all about the feeling of safety and love a little gets from being taken care of by their caregiver.

For me being in little space allows me to destress. In my everyday life, I am super stressed and always going and going. Slipping into little space allows me to destress and not worry about the ten thousand things weighing me down. It’s nice to be little and be cuddled up with my Daddy. Being a little for me is all about completely trusting my daddy to care for me.

The caregiver aspect of CG/L is very important. As a little, it is important to have a real caregiver; your caregiver has to want to be a caregiver becuase otherwise having a little can be taxing. When littles are in little space they are essentially children in an adult body and someone not ready for that can be thrown off and easily mistreat a little. A true caregiver understands that lots of time little space doesn’t involve sex and respects those boundaries. Caregivers deserve pleasure from caring from their little. This care could be bathing, feeding, dressing, or disciplining them. A true caregiver takes the good and the bad of having a little.

I asked my daddy why he liked being a caregiver, and he said it was becuase he loves how secure it makes me feel. He enjoys being able to take care of me. He enjoying seeing me be free and loves that fact that I trust him enough to be that vulnerable with him.

While having both roles is ideal it is not necessary. You are a still a little even if you lack a caregiver. Which is why I created the Orphaned designed. There is a notion that littles without caregivers have issues but that isn’t true. While in little space most littles are vulnerable and it takes trust to be that vulnerable with someone. A vulnerability that only comes with time.

I love being a little but it is not for everyone. Comment below your favorite things about being a little!