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So, my friends attended Unity Munch this past weekend and participated in some scenes! I am both jealous and proud!

The friends of mine that participated in scenes had some serious aftercare to do the next morning! In talking to them about it I realized that not many know what aftercare is.

If you’re reading this and know what aftercare is congrats! However, aftercare is not a strongly promoted aspect of the community.

So what exactly is aftercare? Aftercare is exactly what it sounds like. It is the care and treatment of oneself and/or others after a BDSM scene.

Just like no two BDSM scenes are the same neither are two aftercare regimes. They vary depending on the scene and the person. Some examples of aftercare are getting rubbed down with oil after a spanking, getting some water, juice or food after a scene. Or even just relaxing wrapped in your blanket watching TV. Sometimes it looks like my daddy just cuddling me after a scene.

The purpose of aftercare is to help to bring your body back to its originally state and care for it after scenes.

If you in a relationship with the Dom who you performed a scene with, they should be offering aftercare. I don’t care how sadistic they are. Once the scene is over their job is to take care of you and your body.

Aftercare is not only present in BDSM relationships. It can be present in vanilla sex as well. A partner wiping you down or bring you something to drink after sex is a form of aftercare.

And aftercare can both ways in my opinion. All parties helping each other. For instance, after a scene, my daddy will clean me off and I’ll go get water. Or sometimes, I’ll clean him off and get the water. It’s reciprocal.

Aftercare doesn’t have to elaborate. It can simple, quick and easy. It is, however, mandatory if you are going to do a scene because you need to take care of your body and mind!!