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Welcome to LOC

Littles Of Color

Our Mission

The Littles of Color (LOC) Way was created because the creators realized there was not a website dedicated to littles, and especially not littles of color. Our goal is to inform, create a sense of community and provide super cute stuff to buy for your little. We hope that you leave our site with more answers than questions and the perfect gift for your little. So, whether or not you have a caregiver, your little deserves to be spoiled, even the bratty ones and The LOC Way is the place to do it.

Recent posts

This blog is dedicated to BDSM educational posts! I have noticed that there is little education involved in BDSM, people just jump in head first and don’t have a place to learn about BDSM. So, this blog will be a great free educational tool for those looking to learn more about BDSM, and littes, subs, brats, and pain sluts in particular. Feel free, to comment ask questions and engage.


Welcome to THE LOC WAY!! I am Slinky, the founder! The LOC WAY is a site created for littles of color by littles of color. I noticed there was no one place to go and buy content for littles, especially littles of color. This site was also created to create a safe...

After Care is Fun!

So, my friends attended Unity Munch this past weekend and participated in some scenes! I am both jealous and proud! The friends of mine that participated in scenes had some serious aftercare to do the next morning! In talking to them about it I realized that not many...

Why I created The LOC Way?

One question, I get often is why? Why did I create the site? And the answer is simple, I wanted to create a space that I thought was needed in the community! One of the first things I noticed when I joined the lifestyle is the lack of spaces for people of color,...

What is CG/L (Caregiver/ Little) Lifestyle?

Welcome to the very first real LOC Way blog post. I have been wrestling with what the first educational post should be, and I finally realized that I should start at the beginning. What is more beginning than the definition of a CG/L? So, a little is a role in the...