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One question, I get often is why? Why did I create the site? And the answer is simple, I wanted to create a space that I thought was needed in the community! One of the first things I noticed when I joined the lifestyle is the lack of spaces for people of color, especially safe spaces. Another thing, I noticed as I learned my identity and roles and began to do research was that a lot of the spaces for littles were white or white run. Even on Instagram when you search up little tags, all the results are from white littles, you have to specify POC or black and even then most of the pages are repetitive, they are the same people over and over. The last thing, I noticed that made me want to create this site, is that it is very hard to buy things as a little. It is all about finding stuff on Etsy or ordering things off of Amazon and repurposing or following someone on Instagram who sells things. All of these reasons combined made me want to create this site, this space. 

However, when I first got this idea I was apprehensive but after copious talks with my Daddy and my friends’ awl little or subs of color I was convinced. I sat down and imagined what I wanted this site to be. Yes, I wanted to sell things but I also wanted more, I wanted an educational aspect to my site. So, I created the blog. A place to learn and interact with others. I understand this is a public site, and so people may be apprehensive to use the comment function, so there is a FetLife group dedicated to continuing the conversation. 

Also, side note, the name is Littles of Color but I am not just a little. I am a little, sub, brat and pain slut so I plan to make things dedicated to all aspects of myself and maybe dedicated to some of my friends!! So, even if you aren’t a little, pull up a chair stay a while, we’ll have something for you yet!

This site is my baby, my love and I hope you love it as much as I do! Don’t be afraid to interact with me on here, facebook, twitter, Instagram and fetlife!!